iWafer is the iPhone application for the semiconductor and electronic design professional on the go.  Whether you design IC’s, sell ASIC or foundry services, looking for a quick estimate on the cost of an IC, or simply seeking to find out manufacturing feasibility of your chip design, iWafer enables you to get estimated figures for die size, utilization, I/O placement, die count per wafer, manufacturing yield, and typical die cost.

iWafer covers a wide variety of process nodes (0.6µ to 45nm), wafer sizes (150mm to 300mm), die configurations, IC and design styles, and provides its estimates based on nominal (typical) process information for each process node and wafer sizes.

iWafer is also available in vendor-sponsored versions with specific vendor process information which would provide more accurate estimates for the perspective vendors.  Vendor-sponsored versions are available via the perspective vendors.  Ask your foundry, ASIC provider, or design service provider for their sponsored versions.


Start at the Die View, fill out the necessary information, and press “Calculate” to get the die size estimation.  Then move on to the Yield and Wafer Views to estimate yield and die per wafer counts, respectively.  Finally, select the Cost View for a good die per wafer estimate as wel as a cost estimate per good die.

Or:  Directly select either the Die, Yield, Wafer, or Cost View to get individual estimates on die size, manufacturing yield, die count per wafer, and die cost.


Die cost, die count, yield, die size, utilization, and I/O placement figures generated by iWafer are merely estimates based on purely nominal and rough semiconductor manufacturing process factors.  We do not accept any responsibility for the iWafer estimates used or misused in the architecture, design, development, production, and manufacturing of integrated circuits.

More accurate estimates based on vendor specific process data are available in the vendor-sponsored versions.  Ask your foundry, ASIC provider, or design service provider for their sponsored versions.




Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch

Requires iPhone 2.1 Software Update

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Die count for a 6.9x5.5 mm die in a 6-inch wafer

Nominal yield for a 6.9x5.5 mm die in a 65nm process

Die size for a 12M gate core-limited design with 276 pads and aspect ratio of 5:4

Die cost for a 6.9x5.5 mm die in a 6-inch wafer